Customer-Centric Insights

Customer Space International, as a prominent independent insights agency, has a track record in helping retailers obtain crucial key insights that ensures a better customer experience.

About Customer Space

Customers are at the heart of every business, and Customer Space International have a proven track record in delivering personal insights to enable you provide your customers with a significant experience to help you improve client relations, increase revenue and grow your business.

Our focus is on quality and timely information gathering, using innovative technology to deliver practical solutions for clients who need effective action orientated retail insights. By providing practical, implementable solutions, we not only help you in reducing decision making risk, but we also deliver key pointers on how you can deliver your products and services more effectively. Customer Space is an independent insights agency that helps retailers deliver a better customer experience.

Customer Space International work in the following countries: Australia, Africa, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.


Ensuring your pricing is in-line with market expectations.

Research & Consultation

Customer Insights and Data for Strategic Planning.

Voice of the

Capture genuine Customer Feedback in Real Time.


See what your customers are really looking at!

Price Auditing

Ensuring prices offered are typical market values for a product and in-line with customer expectations for that product or service.

If you are conducting price audits in the automotive industry or other industries the approach maybe different but the principals and outcome give you the value and assurance that you have priced your product or service within your customers’ expectations.

Voice of the Customer

Mobile technology has changed the way we conduct consumer research, and Smart Technology and Internet Penetration has significantly changed the way consumers interact with retailers and brands.

But now, with My Feedback, using the latest on-line survey technology, you can get more accurate feedback from your customers faster than ever before. With My Feedback easy to use mobile survey tool we capture the VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER in real time from actual shoppers for you to evaluate and use.



Whether its traditional clipboard mystery shops, or up-to-the-minute Video Mystery Shopping, we use the latest hidden camera technology to give valuable insight into the customer experience while you are in the boardroom.


Research & Consultation

Every research buyer and supplier wants to obtain the very best feedback and relevant customer insights that create that all important competitive edge, strategic clarity or facilitate making difficult tactical choices.

Whatever your needs, Customer Space will listen and bring the best, tailored and most cost-efficient approach using technology wherever possible. We can bring an understanding and our unique practical experience to any retail research project, whether it is qualitative or quantitative, using tried and true data collection or the latest in video recording of shopper experiences or Eye-Tracking.

Irrespective of whether your project ranges from a full-scale brand or product development project, to a straightforward benchmarking of service delivery Customer Space can provide the information you need every time.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking allows you to track what your customers are looking at when they browse your products. If you are examining product placement, automotive showroom design and layout, automotive car dashboard and user experience within the car, packaging design, advertising, or user experience.

Eye tracking will accurately reveal what is grabbing the attention or what is influencing your customers purchase behaviour and how they engage with your product. This information will help you create a customer-centric for your business.

Customer Space

Market Research Agency CEO of the Year (Asia Pacific):
Desmond Sanborn


Customer Space

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"Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong!"
Donald Porter, V.P British Airways